Fee Schedule 

This fee schedule is effective December 1, 2017. Fees, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time. If you have any questions or would like current fee information, please call (808) 871-7705.

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Membership Fee

Service Fee Details
Membership Share (par value) $50.00 In an account required to become a member & maintain membership
Membership $1.00 One time, nonrefundable fee

Checking Account Fees

Service Fee Details
Check Printing Varies We’ll provide a free box of checks w/your first paid order. Price varies according to style selected. Free Image Checks for members w/ ongoing direct deposits.
Checking Stop Payment $10.00 Per item
Non-Sufficient (NSF) Funds $10.00 Per item returned
Checking Copy $1.00 Per item
Overdraft Protection Share Transfer (ODP transfer) $1.00 Per transfer (must sign up for this service) NOTE: Overdraft protection not accessible when using ATM/Debit Cards

Other Services Fees Applicable to All Accounts

Service Fee Details
Returned Deposited Check $20.00 Per returned check
Teller's Check $5.00 Per check, after first check per accountholder per day
Tellers Check Stop Payment $30.00 Per item
Teller's Check Copy $5.00 Per item
Statement Copy $1.00 Per statement period
Invalid Address $2.00 Per month
Money Order $1.00 Per item
Account Closure $20.00 If closed within 3 months of opening date
Account Research / Balancing Assistance $15.00 Per hour
Letter of Verification $5.00 Per letter / form
Garnishments / Levies / Other legal processes $20.00 Each
Photocopy $0.25 Per page
Expedited processing of ATM cards, debit cards, PIN mailers $20.00 Per item
Expedited shipping of ATM cards, debit cards, PIN mailers Varies Dependent upon actual shipping charges

ATM Card/Debit Card/Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Fees

Service Fee Details
ATM Withdrawal $1.00 Each, after first 5 withdrawals in a calendar month
Inquiries or Transfers via ATM $1.00 Each (NOTE: sign up & use Touch Tone Teller or Virtual Branch Home Banking in order to avoid this fee)
ATM Operator / Network Surcharge Varies ATM fees/surcharges differ based on the ATM used. (NOTE: no surcharge if you use ATMs owned by First Hawaiian Bank or American Savings Bank)
Card Replacement $10.00 Per card
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Withdrawal $10.00 Each
ACH return fee $10.00 Per item returned

Other Information Regarding ATM & Debit Cards

Service Fee Details
Accessible networks Plus, Star, Prizm (ATM card only), VISA® (Debit card only)
ATM withdrawal limit $500.00 Per day
Maximum ATM withdrawal or POS transaction if system is down $100.00 Per day if system is down
Maximum PIN tries 3 Per day
Maximum POS “Cardholder not Present” transactions $1,500.00
Per day
Per day of system is down

NOTES: ATM withdrawals and POS transactions are not allowed for members with delinquent loans.